Monday, 25 May 2015

Unlocking my Inner Glow with Ponds

I have been listening to my mother using Ponds as a cold cream since I was a child. Growing up with listening to Ponds as dependable brand I was always inclined towards it. I have been using their range of face wash since it has been launched as well. I was called to an event by Ponds recently. There they uncovered their improved Ponds white beauty GenWhite formula in the range of cream and face wash. The event was absolutely beautiful with great food, interactive and informative games and more information about Ponds.

GenWhite formula doesn't magically give you fair skin but actually get rids of all the dark spots, dark circles and dull skin bringing out the inner glow of your skin. Although that’s a big claim to make but after using Ponds White Beauty range for 7 days I could actually feel the difference in my skin. It was softer and glowing.

I took the Seven Days Diary Challenge and here goes my experience! 

So when I start using the face wash and the cream day one there wasn't any much difference. It was just like you are using any other cream but the good part was it did not make my skin oily and the face wash wasn't harsh either. 

Day two and day three it was almost the same experience. It wasn't until Day four when I started to notice the dark spots on my face slightly fading.  

Day five & six I was more than enthusiastic to wash my face with Ponds White Beauty face wash and put on my Ponds White Beauty cream. My skin was softer and I honestly did not feel like putting on any makeup. 

Day seven visible change was apparent on my face. Dark spots were rapidly fading away and my skin was glowing. 

The great part about the cream is that it has sunscreen as well. I would recommend you to use it in summers as it has a matte affect and bring out your inner glow. 

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