Saturday, 12 August 2017

Life Needs Flavor

Kabhi saada, tu kabhi namkeen, zindagi main har maza zarori hai.

Kisi ki theeki batain jo meethi lagjati hai, kisi key khatey khatey andaz. Ye sarey suad milkar bantey hain life ko aur bhi mazeydar. Kya tu zindagi hoti jis main koi flavor na hota. Boring aur mundane. Har kisi ko chahye life main excitement. Aur ye excitement srif flavors hi lasaktey hain.
Jab logon key itney different flavors hum sab ko pasand hain, tu is chatori zaban ko bhi tu kai flavours ki adat hai. Ek du sey kaam nahi chalta ab. Roz kuch different dil ki pasand hoti hai. Kabhi khatas tu kabhi mithas.

Lays laya har dil ki pasand, har din ki pasand key liye beshumar flavors. So your favorite crunch of yummy potatoes Lays with many different flavors makes your life full of excitement.

Have you tried different flavors of Lays? Tell me which one is your favorite.


Monday, 7 August 2017

Film Review: Jab Harry Met Sejal Non Spoiler

When you watch the trailer of an Imtiaz Ali movie, you know that there will be a beautiful nonlinear journey and you know that there will be strong character development.

Harry Mets Sejal fulfills the first expectation of Imtiaz Ali’s movies however it lacked majorly in the second aspect. There is literally no story arch, no highs, and lows and no character development. The songs, although they are really catchy, are thrown into the film without making any sense in the narrative.

Not only the songs but a lot of things are thrown in the film without any context e.g. the fight scenes, Anushka Sharma’s accent and Shahrukh Khan’s split personality. If the director had worked more on the narrative itself rather than these nitty gritty it would have been much better.  

Khan & Sharma’s chemistry on screen was horribly off. The love story failed to make me feel anything for them as a couple on screen. The film seemed to be too much inspired by Tamasha in terms of the love story however it was nothing like it. Tamasha had a strong narrative, background story and characters Meanwhile JHMS failed in all.  JHMS lacked the depth.

The only two good things about the film are
1.       Beautiful locations
2.       Good music

All and all the film sold itself just because of the charisma of Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma’s pretty face and lots of Europe in the trailer.  

I wouldn’t recommend you to waste your time and money on it.

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