Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Imaginary little party.

So if I had a party.. or lets say a quite elegant dinner who would be the people I would want there to be?

1. J.K.Rowling (Without any doubt)
2. Chris Martin
3. Damon Salvatore
4. Momofuku Ando
5. A.R. Rehman
6. Van Gogh
7. Willy Wonka
8.Chandler Bing
9. Sirius Black
10. Abdul Bari Khan
11.David Ogilvy
12. Bubbles (from Powerpuff girls)
13. Hans Zimmer
14. Sanjeev Kapoor

And I am sure in coming years the list will grow.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

7 stages of love

Watched a movie last night and reminded me how beautiful love can be.  I was beginning to lose faith in it. I know it was just a movie. It was supposed to be sentimental and moving but deep down we all know there is a magic known as love and it is the most powerful kind of magic which can create you or break you.  It has a warm and beautiful feeling which makes you feel secure and special.

Read this a couple of days ago that love has seven stages, wanted to share since then.

1. Hab (Attraction)
2. Uns (Infatuation)
3. Ishq (Love)
4. Aqeedat (Reverence)
5. Ibadat (Worship)
6. Junoon (Obsession)
7. Maut (Death)