Saturday, 17 October 2015

Animated movies are not just for Kids - Frozen

Whenever I get excited for an animated movie a lot of people judge me and pass remarks such as why are you so interested in a cartoon movie? Or guys would simply assume since I am a girl I would be interested in animated naturally. Well I don’t believe the fact that animated movies are just for kids or they are girly movies. Thanks to Disney & Pixar most of the mainstream animated movies now are beautifully made, having exceptionally strong characters & articulated stories.
I have decided to select a bunch of animated movies and do an analysis on them to prove the fact animated movies are not just for kids and adults can learn a lesson or two from them as well. The first movie I am choosing is the very popular Frozen.

The first time I saw the movie I was in love with Elsa and her icy super powers so much so that I actually wanted to be her. So the popular opinion was that Elsa was much more loved and admired by crowds rather than the bubbly Anna. If we shed some light on characters of Elsa & Anna in detail the case would not be the same.

Else who faced a troubled situation in her childhood never seems to grow out of it. She remained afraid all her life, shutting down any kind of affection she received by her family which ultimately made her personality aloof. She was a coward in short. On the other hand Anna who faced isolation from her elder sister/ best friend Anna remained optimistic even during the worst times. She faced the world and wasn’t afraid to trust. No doubt her idealistic nature got her in trouble but it was her love & self sacrifice that bought peace & prosperity back. Anna teaches us sometimes magic lies in the simplest of actions.

Elsa no doubt is beautiful and mystic with her icy magic but Anna is the real hero of the movie.

Lesson to be learnt from the movie: Don’t be afraid, learn to trust, learn to love & learn to let go. Isolation is not the answer to your problems. Olaf made sure we all learnt the lesson very well.

Till the next post… Keep Swimming. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Curious Case of Hamza Ali Abbasi

We has Pakistanis all have one thing in common, no matter what the situation is, no matter what the topic is and it really doesn’t matter it concerns us or not, we absolutely have to pass a comment.  Keeping this in mind, this blog post is pretty ironic as I myself am commenting on one of Pakistan’s very well known celebrity Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Hamza has lately been under a lot of limelight because of his controversial Facebook status updates. He says one thing but his actions seem to defer his words. His affiliation with a certain political party does not help his case either. So the question is why even bothering this what he has to say? Well we all are bothered by what he has to say because he is at least saying it out loud.

We as a nation do speak our mind and our hearts out but behind closed doors. We can never point right or wrong in public, this Hamza guy at least seems to be doing that. Regardless of what his views are, he makes sense or not but he makes people get thinking and that’s what we all should be doing.
We are not living in the time of French Revolution when people came out on streets to bring a change but this is a digital era we are living in and countries like Egypt & Turkey actually bought substantial change through internet only.

I am not suggesting copy ditto what Hamza Abbasi is doing/saying/blabbing but at least follow the ideology. If you have power to make people think, make people question the system, you should be utilizing your power instead of sharing cat videos on your wall ( which by the way
are hilarious don’t you dare stop sharing those little babies).

Peace Out.  

P.S I only enjoyed Hamza’s acting in Waar and THAT’S IT! I AM NOT A FAN.

Friday, 9 October 2015

#First1000Days - Healthy Start Of A Beautiful Life

Being an aunt of 8 little ones and seeing my sisters raising them have given me an exposure of growing kids up in an extremely different manner.  It’s not just what the movies show, cute cuddly kids always smiling or parents staying up all night taking care of them; it’s much more than that.
Raising a kid means having responsibility of a human life. That is a terrifying thought for me at this point because to be honest we hardly have any idea about kids. To break this barrier Nestle Pakistan recently organized very informative seminar for bloggers #First1000Days. The main purpose of the seminar was to educate people regarding a child’s first 1000 days (roughly 3 years). They informed the crowd that this time period is the most crucial as the child develops not only physically but emotionally. And to make sure the growth of child is ideal parents have to make their child’s health first priority.

Dr. Huma Fahim, Medical Advisor in NestlĂ© Nutrition gave a very informative presentation which was followed by a quiz. She said that it is critically important for a child to be fed on mother’s milk for 6 months at least. As the child grows do not discontinue mother’s milk but add food items which are full of nutrition.

Pakistan lies amongst the top 14 counties that carry malnutrition diseases. You might be able to feed your kid all the nutritional food but look around possibility can be your maid can’t afford the healthy diet for her child. Help her feed her child nutritional food as well, as nourishment is utmost important for a child’s brain development. 

So coming back to the part where I am proud of being an aunt, it just makes me realize how precious and important these little lives are. It’s our duty to take care of them and help them grow to wonderful human beings in any way we can.