Thursday, 25 June 2015

Broadway Pizza Holy Deals

Since the beginning of this Ramzan I made a resolution not to waste my precious money on extravagant iftar buffets which honestly I can’t even have but rather invest iftar deals.
So me and my colleagues decided to do iftar together. Since it was super hot we thought of ordering in rather than dining out. After a couple of arguments we settled for pizza and I suggested Broadway Pizza cause I had seen their Holy Deals which felt pretty tempting.

I honestly thank heavens that I ordered from there! Four perfect thin crust pizzas were my reward. Usually think crust is a difficult to satisfy because most of the pizza places either leave it slightly raw or over cook it. But these pizzas had well cooked thin crust.  We wanted to try different flavors so we ordered their Wicked Blend, Chicken Meatballs & Mama Mia, all of them with just the right amount of cheese ( well there never is the right amount I ALWAYS want more cheese in my pizzas) and good amount of topping. Chicken meatballs pizza was my favorite among all three (It had a lot of corn).

What I loved more than the pizzas were the different sauces. Although all almost all pizza places are giving sauces now but I really liked the flavor of their sauces.

Although I am not a very big fan of Chicken wings as it is a messy business eating them but I took a bite or two and I actually enjoyed them (not just some filler sidelines to make the deal look good). They had some kind of mayo chilly sauce over it which enhanced their flavor. (The picture isn’t doing any justice to them so ignore it please)

The order arrived within 40mins so that was a plus. We got 2 Holy deals which had 4 13 inches pizzas and 12 chicken wings and 2 bottles of 1.5ltr Coke only in Rs.  3000 (each deal was Rs.1499). All in all I am happy and satisfied customer. Kudos!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Good old PTV times

Times have changed. Lifestyle of people have drastically changed from what it was 10 years ago due to technology. We cannot even imagine a life without mobile phone or Google today. But I remember the time of late 90’s when I was a kid and life was comparatively much more peaceful. Even after school, homework and play we would have plenty of time to sit with family and enjoy. Since I had elder sisters and a mother who would enjoy watching television, I got hooked on to dramas from a young age. That was how I enjoyed my family time.

In those days there wasn't any satellite channel, there was only PTV. I remember the dramas having strong characters, beautifully scripted story lines with simple production sets. Those dramas have no comparison till date. The actors were flawless or maybe it was the seriousness of great direction which made those actors performance so well.  Dialogues wouldn't be something out of a book of poetry. They would be simple and everyone could relate to them. I know the concept of morality is different for everyone but dramas of that era even if touched the most sensitive issues of society, were not morally wrong.

I remember the dramas being family entertainment. I remember wardrobe and sets being the least concern of the actors as well as the audience. The stories never were only focused on a damsel in distress and two men trying to win her heart or a cunning woman trying to ruin everyone’s lives. The stories back then had an impact, stories that the audiences were able to relate themselves to. People would be sharing the sorrows and joys of the characters because they thought of them as part of their lives. Dramas so moving that would make even grown men weep.

My personal 3 favorite dramas of PTV are:-

  1. Dhoop Kinary
  2. Dhuwan
  3.  Alpha Bravo Charlie

Though I watched repeat telecast of these dramas in later 90’s with my mother and sisters who already had seen the dramas, they would enjoy it as if they were watching them for the first time. Even today whenever I see these dramas on air I watch and enjoy them thoroughly. I honestly wish Pakistani Drama Industry today would focus on its roots and come up with quality dramas as these. 

What are your favorite old Pakistani dramas?