Monday, 21 March 2016

Things you get to hear when you are working for a Digital Advertising Agency

What exactly is your job description?

Using Facebook is not real work.

My 5 year old can do what you are doing.

My dog can do a better job.

Why don’t you make TV ads? TV is more important.

How do you guys even make money?

Your job is so easy.. Just make a competition on Facebook.

Why are you guys staying so late? You don’t even have any work to do.

This is not a serious career I tell you.

Thank You for your stupid questions and comments.. I am totally judging your intellect.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Movie Review: Kapoor & Sons

The opening shot confirmed the fact that I am going to enjoy the movie immensely. Karan Johar did not deviate from his classic first half of fun & second half of drama but has evolved in terms of storytelling (for that I will give the credit to the flawless direction). Rishi Kapoor steals the show with his phenomenal acting. Fawad, Sidharth & Aliya all managed to shine in their roles & the support cast showed nothing else than brilliance. Overall the acting was effortless even through the drama phase. 

The lush green location & rustic art direction of the movie was absolutely a delight. I loved how the entire movie was in cool tones. Also the music & songs are very well blended in the storyline. Not once I felt like the song was out of place or was forced to be part of the narrative. The good part about the story was how each and every one of us can relate to one character or another during different situations in the movie. Although the plot was pretty basic but it’s the way of narration that made the movie worth watching.

Don’t go to watch the movie was a strong plot instead watch the movie to enjoy applaudable direction, acting & well-situated humor.

Overall 8.5/10 for the movie. 

Monday, 7 March 2016

Spring/Summer Lawn Top picks 2016

This summer I have decided not to waste my time going from one shop to another instead browse and shop online. Although we don’t have many options for western wear but I am super glad that all the leading lawn brands have launched their websites through which we can now buy clothes with ease.

The trend of pastels and digital prints is evident this summer. I also found less or reds & pinks and more of blues & teals refreshing this year.  While Khaadi impressed me this year with their choice of colors, less embroidery and more focus on beautiful prints at the same time Nishat is a huge disappointment. Gul Ahmed & Al Karam being the market leaders have done a decent job and moved slightly out of their comfort zone by experimenting more. Sapphire desperately needs to bring in more prints because their current collection has limited options. 

Here is a list of my top picks and their direct links from where you can shop these prints online.

Top picks from Gul Ahmed

Top picks from Khaadi

Top pick from Sapphire

Top picks from Al Karam

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Best of the season 'Love Me Again' Nescafe Basement 4

The music industry in Pakistan has been going through a rough patch now from almost more than a decade. However few singles and branded fusion music seasons kept things interesting for music enthusiasts in the country. But this wasn’t just enough. No new talent was coming up so we didn’t really experience anything fresh.

Whenever Coke Studio comes up with a new season, they produce only a couple of noteworthy songs which become talk of the town. The music is vibrant and beautifully composed but the only setback I see is most of these songs are sung by known industry singers.

I have been following Nescafe Basement from season one and love the fact that they keep on introducing budding artists of the country and bring us fantastic music. Not only their seasons cover various genres of music but I enjoy the fact how Xulfi is willing to experiment and bring a variety of instruments in one track. I love the fact that every song Nescafe Basement has produced to date has powerful vocals which makes the experience of listening to that song simply ecstatic.

Recently Nescafe Basement season 4 came up with cover of the song Love me again by John Newman. The song was entirely covered by girls and they did a fantastic job with. We don’t see a lot of female singers let alone guitarists, bass players, sitar & tabla players so it was great to see we in Pakistan have so much talent. Loved the way how west meets east in the song and every note, every instrument stands out on its own.

The most notable achievement of the song is not only that it went viral within hours of its release but John Newman retweeted and appreciated the song himself.

Although all girls have done a notable job but my personal favorites have been Anna Salman vocals,
Amal Nadeem playing violin & Arfa Chaudry on sitar. Great job Nescafe Basement team.

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