Sunday, 20 March 2016

Movie Review: Kapoor & Sons

The opening shot confirmed the fact that I am going to enjoy the movie immensely. Karan Johar did not deviate from his classic first half of fun & second half of drama but has evolved in terms of storytelling (for that I will give the credit to the flawless direction). Rishi Kapoor steals the show with his phenomenal acting. Fawad, Sidharth & Aliya all managed to shine in their roles & the support cast showed nothing else than brilliance. Overall the acting was effortless even through the drama phase. 

The lush green location & rustic art direction of the movie was absolutely a delight. I loved how the entire movie was in cool tones. Also the music & songs are very well blended in the storyline. Not once I felt like the song was out of place or was forced to be part of the narrative. The good part about the story was how each and every one of us can relate to one character or another during different situations in the movie. Although the plot was pretty basic but it’s the way of narration that made the movie worth watching.

Don’t go to watch the movie was a strong plot instead watch the movie to enjoy applaudable direction, acting & well-situated humor.

Overall 8.5/10 for the movie. 

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