Thursday, 3 March 2016

Best of the season 'Love Me Again' Nescafe Basement 4

The music industry in Pakistan has been going through a rough patch now from almost more than a decade. However few singles and branded fusion music seasons kept things interesting for music enthusiasts in the country. But this wasn’t just enough. No new talent was coming up so we didn’t really experience anything fresh.

Whenever Coke Studio comes up with a new season, they produce only a couple of noteworthy songs which become talk of the town. The music is vibrant and beautifully composed but the only setback I see is most of these songs are sung by known industry singers.

I have been following Nescafe Basement from season one and love the fact that they keep on introducing budding artists of the country and bring us fantastic music. Not only their seasons cover various genres of music but I enjoy the fact how Xulfi is willing to experiment and bring a variety of instruments in one track. I love the fact that every song Nescafe Basement has produced to date has powerful vocals which makes the experience of listening to that song simply ecstatic.

Recently Nescafe Basement season 4 came up with cover of the song Love me again by John Newman. The song was entirely covered by girls and they did a fantastic job with. We don’t see a lot of female singers let alone guitarists, bass players, sitar & tabla players so it was great to see we in Pakistan have so much talent. Loved the way how west meets east in the song and every note, every instrument stands out on its own.

The most notable achievement of the song is not only that it went viral within hours of its release but John Newman retweeted and appreciated the song himself.

Although all girls have done a notable job but my personal favorites have been Anna Salman vocals,
Amal Nadeem playing violin & Arfa Chaudry on sitar. Great job Nescafe Basement team.

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