Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Happiness & Us

I scroll through my Facebook app look at all the check-ins, pictures and status and I wonder are these people really happy? Is this what is making us really happy?

The last time I remember being extremely happy I completely forgot my phone, all the social networks and everything else in the world. What mattered to me was the moment in which I was truly happy. Yes once the initial bliss is gone one feels like sharing their joy with the world but looking at those pictures we can’t evaluate how wonderful the life of a person who is sharing those pictures is. Don’t evaluate anyone’s life because of their social media account because we as humans feel secure plastering our happy moments but we never advertise our struggles.

To be frank happiness is not that difficult as we have made it for ourselves. Take out greed from your life and you will be happy. Be grateful for all the things that you have and you will be happy. Take out some time for an adventure and you will be immensely happy. Say no to things and people in your life who are toxic to you & you will be happy. Do things that you have always wanted to or love to do and you will be happy. Let go of regrets, make peace with your past & move on.. You will be more than happy. Smile a bit more and you will be the happiest.