Sunday, 27 April 2014

I'm Summer Hater

Hate is a very strong word and feeling which I reserve for extremely few things. People deserve the word hate not things. But summer ohh how much I loathe summer especially in Pakistan.  It’s a curse in this part of the world to have summer. So I have decided to list all the things down that make me hate summer so much in Karachi.

  1. First and foremost reason the unbearable heat
  2. It feels like the sun is determined to melt, burn or roast you. If someone has oiled their hair or something I bet their brains would fry.
  3. Summer and load shedding in Pakistan *pulls the trigger*
  4. Every little thing makes me angry. Traffic jam, I get angry. ATM machine not working, I get angry. Someone called my name and boom I get angry!
  5. I don’t enjoy my hot tea as much as I enjoy it in winters!
  6. Have to constantly wait for rain
  7. The days are just damn too long. It feels like the sun will never go down
  8. The bloody mosquitoes 
  9. The need to drink water all the damn time
  10. Everything feels as if it’s wilted nothing seems to be fresh
  11. The horrible tan that I get and my skin decides to act as an oil factory
  12. Sweaty and smelly people around me.. eeeeekkkk get a shower and the a deodorant people!
  13. And just the fact it is hot as hell in Karachi and I don’t even feel like doing anything cause of the stupid summer!

Can’t wait for you sweet winters and rain. 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Traveling my love

A friend of mine is going for Umrah. We all told him what to pray for us. One of my pray was to be able to travel whole world. My friends immediately started laughing asking what kind of wish is that. Well to be honest it’s a lust, wanderlust. The beauty of traveling has always attracted me and here my reasons why.

  • ·  The thrill of going to a new place
  • Packing for the vacation
  • Going through travel brochures, blogs and articles to know the place better before I have reached there
  • Talking to people who have already been to that place to get a better idea
  • The beautiful journey itself. No matter if I am traveling through road or by air I have always enjoyed the journey. From flight delays to flat tires I enjoy every moment of them.
  • And finally when you reach the destination. The joy is not explainable.
  • The different smell of each city
  • Different colors, architecture and landscapes  
  • The sense of unfamiliarity with streets and people is intriguing
  • All through I believe that we all humans are the same kind but still every city has a different story, people are different. Their personalities reflect from where they belong. Some of the cities have people who are intimidated easily while others have indifferent people.
  • No matter how tiring the journey is, it is always relaxing by the day end. Traveling no doubt is the perfect stress breaker
  • The uncertainty that you might not be seeing the place you are traveling to ever again. And the feeling that you are leaving a piece of your heart somewhere in the streets of that city.
  • The sadness of saying goodbye and the relief to get back home to your life and loved ones.
  • The uncountable splendid memories that one makes while traveling

 I do hope and pray that I am able to travel a lot.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Best of both the Worlds

Almost everyone has an idea of how they want to live their lives.

Well it is certainly most difficult for a semi bipolar person to decide which life they want to live, the loud and exciting one or the calm and peaceful one?

For me I want best of both the worlds. I want the adrenaline rush and the soothing quietness.

I want a high life luxury condo on top floor which faces the sea or the skyline. I want all the buzzing parties with thumping music. I want the dance, laughter and tears of joy. I want the speed, the ecstasy and numb feeling you get when your feet are throbbing in protest. I want the lights and long endless journeys.

I want to work harder. I want to put in evenings and nights to something I am passionate about. I want to make a difference with my work. I want people to know me cause of my work. I want to drain cups and cups of caffeine and have purple bags under my eyes cause of all the sleepless nights I have put in my work. I want to be acknowledged, respected and appreciated for my work.

I want to soak myself in rain. I want to breathe in the sweet smell of wet earth and queen of night. The small cottage at countryside serves as my house with a beautiful garden and a swing. Bougainvillea, Jasmine and Honey Suckle spread all over my little cottage. My little cottage with a small library and huge windows & light curtains, so the soft morning light streams in. By nightfall I want to see millions of stars strewn artlessly across the dark sky.

Things that I want and things that I can have. Only we can wish.

Monday, 21 April 2014

P.S. I love you

I know I am ten years late reading the book and I am aware of the fact that I have committed the sin of watching the movie first before reading the book. But well the deed is done and the book is now finished. And what a lovely book it was. It was nothing like the movie and I am glad it wasn't.

It is one thing to make you laugh, smile, get you all worked up what will be the next part of the story but it’s a complete different scenario one words have the power to make your eyes wet. Written in very simple language Cecelia Ahern has absolutely weaved magic in the novel. She writes about love, loss, lots of beautiful memories which one can hold on for a lifetime and the truth of life that no matter what happens we have to get up each morning dust the woes of past off our selves and face a brand new day because we simply cannot stop living.

This book is a perfect story of an idealist facing the harsh reality. A must read for all the people who love to read and even those who hesitate to read.

P.S. I loved it!

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The 10×3 Survey

1. Name three of your greatest fears.

Loneliness, Fire, Physical Pain

2. Name three most visited websites.

Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud

3. Name three TV characters you would like to hang out with In Real Life.

Barney Stinson, Tyrion Lannister, Sheldon Cooper

4. Name three things you want right now.

A vacation abroad, A car and a new phone

5. Name three people you could be roomies with.

Afsah, Leesha and Leena

6. Name three authors you love to read.

J.K.Rowling, Elif Shafak, Sophie Kinsella

7. If you could paint the world in three colours, what would they be?

All shades of Blue, darker green and crimson.. White and black are not colors so I assume they will just be there.

8. Your three best assets?

Observation, Problem solving, Jack of all trades.

9. Three things that piss you off?

Waiting , Immature behavior, Arrogance

10. Three childhood obsessions.

Rain, Harry Potter, Cartoon Network. I am still obsessed with the former two.