Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Traveling my love

A friend of mine is going for Umrah. We all told him what to pray for us. One of my pray was to be able to travel whole world. My friends immediately started laughing asking what kind of wish is that. Well to be honest it’s a lust, wanderlust. The beauty of traveling has always attracted me and here my reasons why.

  • ·  The thrill of going to a new place
  • Packing for the vacation
  • Going through travel brochures, blogs and articles to know the place better before I have reached there
  • Talking to people who have already been to that place to get a better idea
  • The beautiful journey itself. No matter if I am traveling through road or by air I have always enjoyed the journey. From flight delays to flat tires I enjoy every moment of them.
  • And finally when you reach the destination. The joy is not explainable.
  • The different smell of each city
  • Different colors, architecture and landscapes  
  • The sense of unfamiliarity with streets and people is intriguing
  • All through I believe that we all humans are the same kind but still every city has a different story, people are different. Their personalities reflect from where they belong. Some of the cities have people who are intimidated easily while others have indifferent people.
  • No matter how tiring the journey is, it is always relaxing by the day end. Traveling no doubt is the perfect stress breaker
  • The uncertainty that you might not be seeing the place you are traveling to ever again. And the feeling that you are leaving a piece of your heart somewhere in the streets of that city.
  • The sadness of saying goodbye and the relief to get back home to your life and loved ones.
  • The uncountable splendid memories that one makes while traveling

 I do hope and pray that I am able to travel a lot.


  1. Apart from the bit of having a friend going to Umrah .. this is a photo of me and my feelings towards travelling. All through the year i imagine loads of places ..loads of journeys. Imagine my bed on the other side of the world. See the streets. Create budgets. Discover litle stories that connect the dots on this planet. Sometimes i'm daunted of the task ahead. Will i ever be able to live all the Earth has to give ? What i am missing on? Sometimes i imagine that the very place i'm on is a dream come true to someone on the other side of the world. And look at it fresh... with brand new eyes. The uncertainty of return. The everyday moments you get to live in one of a kind places. The memories you build and how those in turn keep on building oneself. Am i all those i've met? The people i shared a smile with? The streets i got lost on? The icecreams, cakes and sweets of the world ? :)

  2. Travel to love is a good way to say "I am completely naive and want to be let down".

    I used to love to travel but now I am groaned up and only love to eat things.

    Sometimes the simple life is better (and has less runny bottoms too...)
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