Monday, 2 May 2016

Reasons why I love Harry Potter - Part One Characters

The main character went through major transformation throughout the series. From being a naive boy to young man,
Harry showed his anger, his weakness & worked hard for his strengths. He did not have it all easy. He taught us it takes a team to get through all the difficulties. He taught us compassion, to understand need of someone else before your own.

Ron was as human as possible. People are not perfect and this character was perfect example of it. Though his heart is pure & his will determined, he can’t help himself being jealous and insecure at times.

Hermione taught us all that it’s wonderful to be ‘Know It All’. It’s fun to learn and library isn’t such a bad thing. Kids these days who think being brainy is not cool, she taught them brains will get them out from tight corners.

Neville, a boy who was consumed by fear & self consciousness did not give up on life. He grew up to be stronger & braver than ever. He taught us it doesn’t matter if you are not good at everything as long as you are passionate about something.

Snape taught us never judge a book by its cover. You don’t need to parade your goodness, kind heart & soul as long as you are doing the right thing. From Snape we learnt we have to be careful or else no mistake can ruin our lives.

Dobby taught us everyone deserves freedom, no matter how different they are, no matter what they do.  He taught us to be gracious to those who helped us during the time of our need.
Sirius taught us that strength comes from within if you know the truth. No matter how frustrating circumstances get but if you have clear conscious you can survive the worst.

Draco taught us it is never too late to leave the darker side. Goodness will always brace you live an 
old friend. Your only task is to accept your faults and move on.  

Dumbldore taught us to trust. To think beyond boundaries & give leverage to those who desperately need it but never ask for it.

J.K.Rowling taught us no one is perfect. Every story has darkness and every character has flaws. It’s ok to be weird as long as you have a pure heart. Family is important, even if it is large, loud and poor it still is family. True friends are not all, they are rare. Hold on to them as they will stay with you till the end.

Harry Potter series taught me life is beautiful even though when it going through the darkest times, there are always those out there with whom you can share laughter & joy. 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Nutrilov Granola Bars

I have a terrible sweet tooth and almost after every other meal I crave for dessert. One feels the need to have dessert especially in office with tea. Instead of opting for cookies & cakes recently I have started munching on granola bars. I usually buy Nature Valley’s bars but I find the slightly pricey and not so chewy as they aren’t fresh.

Recently the team of Nutrilov sent me samples of their homemade granola bars by the name of Nutrilov. She sent me two flavors, chocolate chips & coconut and peanut butter & raisins. I was a little skeptical earlier but after trying the bars I came to the conclusion that they tasted great. The experience of both flavors was wonderful. Loaded with chocolate chips with right amount of coconut, the granola bar had the right sugariness via honey to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Peanut butter and raisins granola's smell was something I am sure all the peanut butter fans would enjoy the most. Both bars were chewy & not dry at all.

Both the bars were less than 190Kcal which is a plus! 

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