Sunday, 2 July 2017

What makes Eid so special?

Eid is not as fancy as it looks like especially in summer in Pakistan. With so many ‘darzi key chakar’ for the perfect dress, chand raat mehndi rush drama and not to forget that never being able to get that perfect pair of chapals. Eid is so much stress. For the ladies, it’s even an added burden with so much cooking in the heat. Eid is totally unbearable, right?

Wrong. That is what makes Eid so perfect. In its little tensions and hustle and bustle, Eid brings us all together to create wonderfully sweet memories.

When little kids run to their grandparents for Eidi, Mothers handing over thanda thanda Rooh Afza to all the family and friends, Fathers and brothers wearing neat Shalwar Kurta and coming back from Eid Namaz. Everything is delightful. A gift of Allah for the month of Ramadan.

Eid truly is the most beautiful celebration of all. <3 br="" nbsp="">
#RoohAfzaEidMubarak #Pakistan 
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