Sunday, 2 July 2017

What makes Eid so special?

Eid is not as fancy as it looks like especially in summer in Pakistan. With so many ‘darzi key chakar’ for the perfect dress, chand raat mehndi rush drama and not to forget that never being able to get that perfect pair of chapals. Eid is so much stress. For the ladies, it’s even an added burden with so much cooking in the heat. Eid is totally unbearable, right?

Wrong. That is what makes Eid so perfect. In its little tensions and hustle and bustle, Eid brings us all together to create wonderfully sweet memories.

When little kids run to their grandparents for Eidi, Mothers handing over thanda thanda Rooh Afza to all the family and friends, Fathers and brothers wearing neat Shalwar Kurta and coming back from Eid Namaz. Everything is delightful. A gift of Allah for the month of Ramadan.

Eid truly is the most beautiful celebration of all. <3 br="" nbsp="">
#RoohAfzaEidMubarak #Pakistan 
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Saturday, 24 June 2017

For the Captain - JS Bank Honors Sarfaraz

Wo kehtay hain na.. Sau sonar ki ek Lohar ki.. Bilkul theek kehtay hain..

The two giants, Pakistan and India, when they face off each other on ground in a battle of cricket is the time when people across the globe are holding their breaths. Once it used to be a brutal battle with casualties heavy on both sides. Difficult chases, breathtaking catch outs, soaring sixes. Both countries stood proud and firm.

And then came the dark times for Pakistan. The era where there were no home ground matches, fixtures & countless failures. The gloom was set in the hearts of all Pakistani Cricket fans but it was not the end of hope.

It started with conquering the Tests and went on with successfully organizing PSL two years in a row. The murky waters were about to clear. Then is the time when Misbah ul Haq, captain that the team was looking up to announced his retirement. The hope that was building up was again about to shatter.  

But then finally from the ashes rose a phoenix, our captain Sarfaraz Ahmed, the one person who knew that there was nothing to lose but only to gain. His encouragement, trust and confidence lead a team of young lads lift the prestigious cup of ICC Champions Trophy.

To honor our national hero JS Bank presented Sarfaraz Ahmed with a brand new BMW. The beautiful gesture by JS Bank will not only motivate our captain to work harder for the team but inspire young players as well. They would know that hard work and determination will pay off. It's not the car that matters but it's the respect they received which matters. 


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Say it with a Smile

When words fail then only a smile can weave the magic. Lays Pakistan this summer brings 25 unique and beautiful smile packs for all those who want to bring a little extra sparkle in their smiles.

These unique 25 smiles are inspired by different movies and characters which can literally fit in any situation and scenario. Be it a comical smile to cheer your angry mom, or your better half can receive the romantic Lays smile. All you got to do is get the Lays 'Say it with a Smile' pack! 

The best part is our very favorite Lala aka Shahid Afridi wants to give us all a Lays Smile as well!! Check him out here

I almost forgot the best part. Lays is not only spreading smiles through packs but surprise. You can win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge daily by simply scratching the code on the pack of Lays and SMSing the code to 9005. Each SMS counts as an individual entry. So keep on spreading smiles with Lays.

#LaysPakistan #SayItWithASmile 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Love Thy Neighbors

I was in grade 1 when I became friend with a boy in my neighborhood. We went in the same school which made us even better friends. He had no siblings and I had a lot of them (elder sisters). We had no brother, so the bond with him was immediate. He was just like our own brother. Soon we became fast family friends as well and his parents considered us sisters as their daughters as well. Though I changed my school in 5th grade we still are friends. He has a daughter now (though I haven’t met her yet) but that little girl has given me the chance to be a phupoo.

I used to spend all my summer and winter vacations at my Nani’s apartment in Karachi ( I grew up in Hyderabad). Those days were the best as I had a gang of girl friends on the same floor. Although all of them were from a different religion than mine but never once my mother or any family member stopped me for being friends with them. I went to a temple with them and once Ami took us all to sea view. We used to play on all the floors and go buy ice cream together.  They were like sisters to me.

Just a few days back on Shab-E-Barat our neighbors sent us Kheer, Biryani and Zarda.  I had just gotten back from office after a hectic day and the food made me so happy. My neighbors cared about me, that’s what made me happy.

That’s how strong neighborhood relationships are. Although we aren’t related by blood but we treat each other as family.

The recent Shan’s ad Khaana With Parosi, that triggered so many childhood memories. Though we didn’t have Chinese neighbors back then but I remember how on every festive occasion we used to send Biryani and Meetha to our neighbors.

I was recently staying at my sister’s place and my niece who is 13 years old has a best friend in the neighborhood as well. But her friend never stays for dinner. My niece Fatima told me how her friend loves Haleem. Guess what? I got all the Haleem essentials, lentils, Shan Haleem Masala, Chicken (YES I DON’T EAT BEEF HALEEM) and asked our cook to make Haleem for us. That day Fatima’s neighborhood best friend came as well. Her eyes literally shone when she saw Haleem on the table. She couldn’t resist saying no to it and we all had it together. It reminded me of my childhood and all the beautiful memories with my neighbors.

#KhaanWithParosi #ChildHoodMemories 

Picture Credits: Google because I took terrible Biryani and Haleem pictures

Monday, 8 May 2017

Burning Brownie

When I asked people which places are a must to visit while in Islamabad they all had one name in the list i.e. Burning Brownie. They said Burning Brownie serves best desserts in the capital.
I visited the one in F-11 and chose to sit outside after a quick peek inside. I loved the thematic décor & the friendly servers. The menu was limited so after quick consultation with the server, I settled for cheesecake. My friends ordered chocolate fudge cake & some other chocolate cake ( can’t remember the name).
The cheesecake though looks super plain but don’t literally don’t judge here the book by its cover. Hands down it is one of the best cheesecakes I have ever had (& I have had one from The Cheesecake factory, this one is WAY better). Paired with strawberry sauce this baby is a slice of heaven.
The chocolate cakes were delicious, moist & fresh.
Loved the overall experience. If you are planning a trip to Islamabad soon do enjoy desserts from Burning Brownie.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Chapter One: Karachi Heat

My alarm rings every weekday thrice in the morning, 8:20 am, 8:30 am and 8:40 am. But this was not the case since the beginning. Khair, we will talk about that some other time. As every other day I kicked sheets, A.C was already off (I have set a timer so it automatically closes at 6 in the morning, bijli ka bill itna kon dey ga?) so the room was already getting warm. I opened the door of my bathroom and then only realized that this day is going to be really hot.
It’s not even May yet and the temperature outside is already 41C. I turn on the tap and jet of steamy water pours. I had to wait for a few minutes to adjust myself to the warmth of the water. Fast forward 15 minutes and I was on my way to work.

The car was blazing as always. Bosco (my office driver) has a different (read weird) sense of car décor. Black leather seats, tinted black glasses, black velvet cushions and a plush tiger (which needs to be washed) on the dashboard.  I sit uncomfortably in the stifling car and open the window. A polluted pale blue sky welcomes my gaze. One could feel that they are inhaling dust and one could see sidewalks begging for cleanup. Withering shrubs and limp trees are all one can see. 

Inside the office, there is no relief as well as the chillers stopped working cause of the intense heat. From 9:15 till one my eyes are glued to a laptop screen occasionally flicking on the phone a well.  Two back to back meetings are setup after lunch. That means I will have to go out again.

I could see sweat trickling down the neck of the tea boy as he was carrying a heavy tray full of tea mugs. He swiftly moves across the hall handing everyone steaming mugs of tea. It feels like even he wants to end his shift as soon as possible.

I close my eyes at 4:30 for a minute and dream of diving in the sparkling blue pool outside( our office has a gigantic pool which we never use). I wonder how cold the chlorine filled water would be.

It’s 6:20 pm. I pack my bags, sling them off my shoulder and dump them in the car. It’s not so hot anymore. The car has it's tinted window rolled down. I can hear hundreds of birds chirping, heading back to their homes as the dusk approaches. Sun is set low in the sky and the wind is now a welcoming friend. I can feel it on my face and in my hair. I can smell the salt from the sea. The sky has an explosion of colors. Blues, pinks, oranges, reds and faint purples. The traffic sounds fade in the background as I drink in what mother nature has to offer. 

Karachi is not so suffocating anymore.  The heat is bearable. 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Criteria of Pride in Pakistan

Child will qualify for Pride Certificate if he/she converses in English all the time. The criteria of good education in Pakistan is only English.
This child who is in grade one has more than 6 books for English and 3 different exams for the same subject. This convent school encourages to cram as much as possible and doesn't give 2 cents for concept building.
Why we cannot have one centralized education system in Pakistan with addition of languages according to the region? Why do we have to give importance to one language only? Why aren't we questioning our government? Where is our ministry of education? Why isn't there any regulation?
We as a nation are in such deep complex that while am writing this I won't dare to write this in Urdu or Sindhi because that might not classify me as a person with a sane opinion. That might make me sound as a 'paindu'. We are still in the colonel mindset. English is only a method of communication. It's not the communication itself.
Hamari zahanat ka mayar srif angrazi hai.

#Education #Pakistan