Sunday, 1 May 2016

Nutrilov Granola Bars

I have a terrible sweet tooth and almost after every other meal I crave for dessert. One feels the need to have dessert especially in office with tea. Instead of opting for cookies & cakes recently I have started munching on granola bars. I usually buy Nature Valley’s bars but I find the slightly pricey and not so chewy as they aren’t fresh.

Recently the team of Nutrilov sent me samples of their homemade granola bars by the name of Nutrilov. She sent me two flavors, chocolate chips & coconut and peanut butter & raisins. I was a little skeptical earlier but after trying the bars I came to the conclusion that they tasted great. The experience of both flavors was wonderful. Loaded with chocolate chips with right amount of coconut, the granola bar had the right sugariness via honey to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Peanut butter and raisins granola's smell was something I am sure all the peanut butter fans would enjoy the most. Both bars were chewy & not dry at all.

Both the bars were less than 190Kcal which is a plus! 

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