Sunday, 27 April 2014

I'm Summer Hater

Hate is a very strong word and feeling which I reserve for extremely few things. People deserve the word hate not things. But summer ohh how much I loathe summer especially in Pakistan.  It’s a curse in this part of the world to have summer. So I have decided to list all the things down that make me hate summer so much in Karachi.

  1. First and foremost reason the unbearable heat
  2. It feels like the sun is determined to melt, burn or roast you. If someone has oiled their hair or something I bet their brains would fry.
  3. Summer and load shedding in Pakistan *pulls the trigger*
  4. Every little thing makes me angry. Traffic jam, I get angry. ATM machine not working, I get angry. Someone called my name and boom I get angry!
  5. I don’t enjoy my hot tea as much as I enjoy it in winters!
  6. Have to constantly wait for rain
  7. The days are just damn too long. It feels like the sun will never go down
  8. The bloody mosquitoes 
  9. The need to drink water all the damn time
  10. Everything feels as if it’s wilted nothing seems to be fresh
  11. The horrible tan that I get and my skin decides to act as an oil factory
  12. Sweaty and smelly people around me.. eeeeekkkk get a shower and the a deodorant people!
  13. And just the fact it is hot as hell in Karachi and I don’t even feel like doing anything cause of the stupid summer!

Can’t wait for you sweet winters and rain. 

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  1. I hate everything about the summer. Let me sleep and wake up when it will be snowing again. Electric Control Panel Manufacturers