Monday, 21 April 2014

P.S. I love you

I know I am ten years late reading the book and I am aware of the fact that I have committed the sin of watching the movie first before reading the book. But well the deed is done and the book is now finished. And what a lovely book it was. It was nothing like the movie and I am glad it wasn't.

It is one thing to make you laugh, smile, get you all worked up what will be the next part of the story but it’s a complete different scenario one words have the power to make your eyes wet. Written in very simple language Cecelia Ahern has absolutely weaved magic in the novel. She writes about love, loss, lots of beautiful memories which one can hold on for a lifetime and the truth of life that no matter what happens we have to get up each morning dust the woes of past off our selves and face a brand new day because we simply cannot stop living.

This book is a perfect story of an idealist facing the harsh reality. A must read for all the people who love to read and even those who hesitate to read.

P.S. I loved it!

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