Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Reasons why I hate living in Pakistan

I am aware of the fact that I am not much of a patriotic person and my this statement throughout the years have earned me dirty looks, angry outbursts and several head shakes of disappointment. But I don’t mind all those gestures to be honest.  Why a person is patriotic? Because their country, the government and the people have done something good but living in Pakistan is misery for those who are not so fortunate.  

So here are the reasons why I hate living in Pakistan.

  • Not once in our history we had a decent government. All corrupt pieces of shit
  • We all are proud to hate each other. Punjabi hates Sindhi, Sindhi hates Urdu Speaking, Balochi hates Pathan and Pathan hates Punabi. Kala hates gora, Rich hates poor and Poor hates the dog living on the street. If we had any global award for hate I am sure Pakistani would win it all the time!
  • You only have right of decent quality living if you have bank accounts full of money
  • If God forbid you are rich, be prepared of endless life threats.
  • Every time you step out of your house you are not sure whether you will come back alive or not.
  • We have all four beautiful seasons in our country thank you very much and government makes sure we enjoy them all to full extent by giving us load shedding in scorching heat, turning off gas in extreme winters and horrible construction of roads so the roads would turn into lakes during monsoon.
  • Even if you don’t have any money, you will have to spend tons of money on every occasion starting from weddings ending to funerals just to impress ‘people’.
  • Either you are a doctor or an engineer.  Rest all of us are worthless humans who are the main cause of our crumbling economy.
  • Solution to our every economic problem is to beg for more money from IMF, World  Bank, USA and KSA. Our government would even beg money from aliens if there were any.
  • Technology would reach our country in the end.
  • We have so much freedom of speech it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for banning YouTube!
  • No one can bring any change. If anyone wants to bring a change they go and protest. What is the outcome of that protest? Nothing! Zilch, zip zero my friends!
  • Our country produces best fruit, vegetables and cotton which are easily available abroad.
  • What will people say?
  • Single female over 25? You have no right to even breath.
  • Ever heard of education in rural areas?
  • Best doctors and medical facilities available only if you are super rich, rest of the people can die.
  • Either you are a red beard Mullah, a hijabi pious Muslim Or you are an liberal, alcohol drinking infidel. There are no normal people in our country.
  • Hypocrisy is our motto.
  • Our morning shows. Enough said!
  • We want to get super rich but we are too lazy to work for it.
  • We blame the government for everything and then laugh on morons who pay taxes.
  • The cost of life of a regular 9 to 5 working person is 5 lacs if he/she gets killed in a terrorist attack. The life of a high ranking official is 6 black awesome tinted cars, countless policemen on bikes and guards.
  • Middle class has no right to enjoy anything.
  • Thanks to our aggressive polio campaign now we can freely travel anywhere in the world. Hurray!
  • We don’t have any cultural identity. Anywhere I go abroad they ask me if I am Indian.

This list honestly is countless but if I go on I am afraid you will be too bored to read any further. It’s not that I have any personal grudge against my country, it’s just everyone in it, yes not only the government but even the common people including you and me are part of this corrupt and messed up system. I hate to hate the place where I live. But that’s just it and sadly we have to face it till the time we are living here.


  1. You are right Bushra. and trust me this doesnt make you less patriotic. very well written!

  2. Give it a thought,
    have you ever tried to change any of these points, beside criticism you haven't done anything productive for this country.!!
    which gave you a place to live, airspace to breath in, a wise man said,"it doesn't matter you were back then, all is matter what you choose to be"
    stop murmuring like a child, and act like somebody!!!
    It is you who lack of all these things, Pakistan have a solid cultural background, and dispite of following the norms womens like you try to adopt western culture which is baseless, it is just like "Ghar ki mugi dall braber" ... Think before you write for this amazing country.!!!!

    1. No where I have mentioned that I hate the country. Nop no sir. It is us, we the people who are making it such a miserable place to live. It's constructive criticism. A place to live and airspace to breath can be a jail as well. You wouldn't want to live in a jail will you? And no where I have asked you to adopt Western or Arabic culture. I respect culture a lot and would like our people to stick to our own culture rather then adopting certain ways of the west or Arab world.

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