Thursday, 14 May 2015

Marigold & Honey Cafe

Couldn’t decide a place for Friday lunch so after a little bit of research me and my friends settled for Marigold Honey Café in Zamzama. I read good reviews about the place and also the description on their Facebook page painted a pretty & cozy picture of the restaurant.

The place is right next to Espresso, small and artfully decorated. We were four people and at that time 2 or 3 more people were there. The menu wasn’t so exciting but I settled for a simple open sandwich while my friends ordered a club sandwich and other ordered apple cinnamon pancakes.

They served us with multigrain platter first. The crust of the bread was awfully hard which made the first bite a difficult task. My friend ordered latte which they served in a delicate china tea cup. Results her latte was stone cold by third sip.

Although the restaurant was half empty our order took 40 minutes to serve. I would rate by open sandwich 6 out of 10 because overall it lacked flavor. I cannot say anything about the club sandwich because I did not taste it but I need to tell you guys about the pancakes. One word can do justification to the pancakes that is horrible. Honestly for the price that we paid pancakes were really bad. They had a rubber like texture and the syrup lacked the kick of cinnamon.

Overall verdict: The place is overpriced and needs to improve.. a lot! 


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