Tuesday, 5 May 2015

For the love of Coke.. 100 Years Cold

With Coke completing it’s 100 years of being awesome contour bottle a lot of blogs and posts are popping up everywhere regarding the brands history and success. While I do agree Coke as a brand had an amazing journey and needs to be highlighted what I want to do is share the love for Coke by people with you guys. Here I have picked my favorite Coke photographs by Coke lovers.

1.       A photograph by Sara

Story behind the photo.. Coke and Gummy worms...a well balanced diet
183/365: This was taken the first day at the cottage and they gave us a 'care package' which included this old school coke bottle...being the huge coke fan that I am, I had to get a shot with it. My dog seems to be eyeing it up too.

2.       A photograph by Vicky Wright

Not a very big story but here it goes.. Still can't get the top off!

3.       A photograph by Marina Burity

Her story?? Meehh she is just loving it and exploring.

4.       A photograph by Raj Madabushi

He just wants to relax and enjoy his Coke.

5.       A photograph by AJ Brustein

He says ‘Coca-Cola Always Tastes Better in Glass

The bright red color looks great on the can but the glass - either contour, bell, or from the bottle, makes it taste much much better. And of course, it has to be Georgia Green glass’. Can’t disagree with him can I ?

6.       The star photograph by none other than my favorite Joel Robison who now has worked officially with Coke. (Read his full story by the way guys am sure you will love it)

He has done a lot of tremendous work for Coke but for this photo his story is:

 Share A Smile
The latest image in my collaboration project with Coca-Cola. This time the theme word was laugh, but I kind of stretched it be smile :)

I have a lot to smile about in my life, especially considering I'll be leaving tomorrow for an amazing two week adventure to Vancouver, Las Vegas and Atlanta! With that said, I know that a lot of people, including some in my own life, could use some extra smiles lately so this image was inspired by the chance to give people another smile to look at when they need it.

7.       And last but not the least I am sharing a photograph of these amazing truck art themed hand painted Coke bottles that I have.

#ForeverHainKhushian #100YearsCold #Coke

*All the photographs are exclusive property of the respective photographers. This blog isn’t utilizing their creative property for any commercial benefit. 

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