Thursday, 14 May 2015

10 reasons to fall in love with Islamabad

Living in Karachi I have this special place in my heart for Islamabad which almost all of my friends fail to understand. They say Islamabad is dull and city of dead but for me it is the ultimate place where should live. Here are the top ten reasons why I love Islamabad.

1. The city has trees. By this statement I do not mean few trees here and there but the entire city is filled with greenery. Flowers everywhere. And the background of mountains. The scenery is pure love.

2.  Islamabad has wonderful weather. I know summer can be particularly painful there but after every other week the city receives spectacular showers. The dry winter and crisp autumn adds into the beauty of the city even more.

3.  No fear of street crime.

4. It is a very well organized city. Of course everyone will come up with a counter for this saying it’s fairly a new city, its capital of the country etc. But one has to admit you hardly experience traffic jams or see trash anywhere.

5. It’s gateway to northern areas of Pakistan. Living in Islamabad gives you the luxury to enjoy your weekends thoroughly by planning a road trip to the northern areas.

6. The overwhelming scent of pine and earth.

7.  No honks, rickshaw woes or noisy motorbikes.

8. The view from Monal.. I have been there so many times but I can never get enough of that view & the Rubab player at Pir Suhawa. The music of Rubab weaves magic in the air.

9.  Hiking trails. Although am not so fond of walking but the trails in Islamabad are something which every city should have.

10. And the utmost important reason… Peace which no other city in Pakistan has. 



  1. Wow,i remember you were really pissed off being a Pakistani some time back in your blog.Times change i guess.It's always better to form an opinion after you analyze the big picture and not view things from a pessimistic angle.I am abroad these days and everyday i am nagged about being a Pakistani :) Some of my cousins who live in a different country always used to tease me about how Pakistan has collapsed and how it never did a plausible thing on a global front.I once replied and they all became silent after that :D

    1. If you re-read my blog again I have never had anything against the country.. it's the system and how people behave that I have problem with. Any ways cheers !