Friday, 29 May 2015

My favorite 5 Photographers of Pakistan

Advent of Instagram has bought out a photographer in each and every one of us. We are self proclaimed photographers who would take a picture of interesting looking anything, slap on a filter on it, post it on our social profiles and tada.. There we are celebrity photographers. Worse is the situation with the people who own a DSLR. While I am not against the idea of taking photographs but one can’t call themselves a pro by just owning an expensive camera. Photography is an art. It takes a lot more than just a fancy app, filter or a camera to be a photographer.

The picture should speak for itself. The idea and the thought behind it is what matters more. The moment which has been captured should be so perfect that the viewer cannot see it just as a 2D image but feel the emotions in it and engage all his senses in the visual.

I am visual person so I automatically have a liking for photography. A lot of people enjoy portraits but my favorite genre of photography is landscape and conceptual creative manipulation. Well many might disagree with me and believe creative manipulation in photographs loses the basic essence of photography, I still love this format. Unfortunately not many photographers in Pakistan are exploring this genre. However we still have a lot of talented photographers in the country. Some self taught artists while others who got basic training. Wedding photography recently has been popular amongst upcoming photographers but sadly not all can do justice to it. Same goes for fashion and product photographers.

My favorite 5 Pakistani photographers

1. Danial Shah

Genre which I feel the photographer excels in: Landscape

His love for chai and mountains is evident from his photography. What I love about him is his passion for traveling. He portrays raw beauty in every click he takes. He is a self driven photographer with a degree in business studies.

2. Mobeen Ansari 

Genre which I feel the photographer excels in: Portraits

Have you seen such portraits which would make you feel as if the person in it is breathing? If not then I would strongly suggest you to follow Mobeen Ansari’s work. He has the power to capture emotions in such pure manner that his work speaks for himself.

3. Ali Khurshid 

Genre which I feel the photographer excels in: Wedding

The fearless artist’s claim to fame defiantly is his series of photographs on Seaview, Karachi. From there within few years he has grown to be one of the leading wedding photographers in Pakistan. He not only excels in wedding photograph and portraits but also captures landscapes equally beautiful.

4. Waliya Najib

Genre which I feel the photographer excels in: Outdoor

This gorgeous girl hails from Islamabad and has a knack of capturing the most perfect photographs in sunlight. One could see her love for Islamabad clearly. Her photographs leave the viewers with a happy and warm feeling of content. She has a massive fan following on Instagram.

5. Nadeem A, Khan

Genre which I feel the photographer excels in: Advertising

This man needs no introduction as he has been one of the pioneers of advertising photographers in Pakistan. His work not only includes product photography but also landscapes and portraits.

One thing that I absolutely love about all these 5 photographers is that they are exposing the beautiful image of Pakistan.

*All the images taken are personal property of the respective photographers. 

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