Saturday, 16 May 2015

Movie Review: Bombay Velvet

Usually when we watch a movie we are looking forward for enjoyable time. A lot of people only tend to focus on the plot but ignore other aspects which make a movie incredible. For me Bombay Velvet was utterly an incredible movie because it is not an expected genre for a Bollywood movie.
It’s sad to see a lot of negative reviews about Bombay Velvet but for me it was refreshing to see a Bollywood movie which was a complete package. Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar stole the limelight with superb acting. Kapoor did justice to the challenging role of Johnny Balraj whereas Johar was flawless being Khambhata. Supporting cast did decent job as well.

What I loved about the movie were three things mainly.

The Art direction: Set in 1960’s -70’s the movie has captured true essence of that era with beautiful costumes, sets and props. Anushka Sharma wears stunning dresses as a jazz club singer. And to all those vintage car lovers out there, this movie is a must watch for you guys.

  Cinematography: The cinematographer has taken some daring shots and did not go with the regular mid shots which you would see in every other movie. Action shots particularly are very well taken which I loved.

 Sound: Not only the songs but the background score was very well blended in the narrative.
The story picks up faster after the interval so I would suggest if you are planning to watch the movie be patient, enjoy the acting, art direction and sound and let the story just be there as a supporting element.

All an all great direction by Anurag Kashya and I am looking forward to see Ranbir Kapoor winning a Filmfare for this movie. 

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