Saturday, 2 July 2016

Learning Islam

I rather avoid getting in religious debates & discussions because we aren’t taught about religion in depth and usually the debates are based on personal opinions instead of authentic sources & references.

The problem of us, Pakistani’s, in majority is that since childhood it was sufficient for families to teach their children how to recite Quran Shareef in Arabic, finish Quran Shareef at least once, offer prayers & keep fasts. That’s it. End of story. The other source of religious knowledge is either Islamiyat textbooks or what our grandparents have to say.
Not once are we introduced to the translation of Quran Shareef. We never listen to tafseer, we never know the context of Ayats & God forbids if any amongst us even question anything regarding religion. We don’t even read the books of Hadith.
Please break this culture. Quran Shareef was sent to Nabi Kareem S.A.W in Arabic because the language of the people at that time was Arabic. Allah wanted the people to understand & take lessons from the book. Instead of forcing your child to re-read Quran Shareef in Arabic, introduce them to Quran in your language, The language that they understand & can take lessons from. If you like any Surah, do listen to tafseer of it. If you have any questions regarding faith, don’t rest till you have got your answers.
Our nation has such extreme behavior towards religion because of the dictatorship attitude towards it. Islam on the other hand, is beautiful. It is welcoming & has a way out for every problem for those who seek solutions. Don’t make Islam a matter of burden. I urge you, we are the future of this nation & we will shape the upcoming generation. Set a good example for them.
I have been listening to lectures of Nouman Ali Khan and feel we have so little knowledge regarding our very own faith. Please don’t limit your understanding and keep on exploring. May Allah bless us all with his wisdom.