Sunday, 3 July 2016

Karachi Salon Hopping

It has been quite some time hence I have been regularly going to salons/spas for various treatments in Karachi. In my purist to find the perfect spot I came across many but unfortunately none of the places I have been are able to satisfy me 100%. One thing or another always legs behind. Salons & spas in Karachi are generally inconsistent. If the facility is having a bad day, you for sure are going to receive not so good services.

However to make your life easier I am jotting down some of my experience for some of the services I have received.

Note: The routine services I get are

  1. Wax
  2. Manicure (OPI/Essie/Salon specialty)
  3. Pedicure (OPI/Essie/Salon specialty)
  4. Facial (Janssen/Guniot/Dermalogica/Salon specialty)
  5. Body Massage
  6. Hair Protein 

Raintree Spa
Hands down they have the best massages in town. The spa gives the ultimate feeling of relaxation to the customer and has good services as well. Their manicures & pedicures are worth trying as well however you will have to instruct the girl doing your pedicure to take that dry skin off your feet properly.

Their facials always give me a breakout so now I avoid them. FYI I have super oily skin.

Their prices are steep but it’s ok to indulge once in a while. Also with an SCB card you get flat 20% off on the bill.

Overall 8 out 10.


They receive a special shout out as it is my now to go place usually. You will love  Zita’s waxing there for sure. Their Janssen cleansing is superb & I rather enjoy their manicures & pedicures.
Only if they would properly scrub my feet it would be awesome. I am a little skeptical about their herbal treatments as once I got their herbal treatment for my hair & that didn’t do much good. Their staff is super friendly & the little salon itself is rather cute.

They have monthly deals which make their prices within the range if compared to other spas & salons.

Overall 8.5 out of 10

Serenity Spa

The good part about this salon is that they keep on offering discounts & deals. Previously I used to enjoy their mani & pedis but recently their service is not upto the mark. They don’t have a big collection of nail colors sadly.  I would rate their facials as decent enough.

Overall 6.5 out of 10


Shabi (a beautician at Peng’s) lives up to her name in every way. Facials at Peng’s are expensive but they are worth every penny. They do not rush to end the service and make sure you are fully satisfied.  I haven’t tried their mani & pedis but the people who go their swear by it.

Overall 9 out of 10

H&S Salon

Near to my home, super affordable & very friendly, H&S salon is what you are looking for if you need quick waxing done or a nice facial easy on the pocket. Also if you want a basic mani & pedi along with protein treatment I would recommend this place.

Overall 7 out of 10

Rashid Salon

Rashid Salon
Salmoon is a gift from God for my hair. I do not trust anyone except him when it comes to blow drys, protein treatment & haircut. He doesn’t chop of more than you want & stylizes accordingly. The people at Rashid’s are amazingly friendly. Also they have pedicure experts inhouse. And believe me or not after getting done a pedicure from them you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Overall 10 out of 10

Toni N Guy

It is a one stop solution for hair if
  1. You are willing to spend ton lot of money
  2. You have not any other option in the city.

Foot Comfort

Foot Comfort
I honestly failed to understand what the hype is all about. Yes they did remove the dead skin completely but no it doesn’t give you that nice spa feel. The massage didn’t even last for full 5 minutes and neither there was any scrubbing. I had to take my own nail color!

Overall 5 out of 10

Karachi Ladies Club

Won a free back massage & blow dry from them. I loved the massage and hated the blow dry.


Hina Khan

Really very bad experience. The services are hurried & the place is always cramped. Not worth spending your time and money on.

Overall 3 out of 10

The places I am dying to try out but I feel they are way too expensive are

MINT Solutions

Amethyst by Roohi

And the next salons I will be hopefully trying out

Blush Salon

Mirrors Salon

Nadia Hussain Salon

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  1. No doubt pengs is best for facial and worth for money little expensive but worth it .....I tried their pedicure for this it's average 5 out of 10

    1. You should try Raintree or Rashid for pedicure next time you are in town.

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