Friday, 29 July 2016

Back to School Shopping

Back in the day, I remember the best thing about going back to school used to be excitement of getting new books, uniform, bag and what not. But not only did we have limited options also they last-minute rush at the shops used to frustrate my parents beyond measure. All those childhood memories came rushing back to me when last night me and my sister went to get our nephew his school accessories.
That was a complete disaster. Not only the shops were filled with people but the shop keepers were charging double the price for everything. Instead of fighting our way through that madness we stepped back and went home.

During all this chaos my nephew who is only 6 years old was upset because he couldn’t get hi new school things. So instead of letting the poor kid down I opened and decided to do his shopping with him in peace.

We got his B-first school shoes & uniform from Liberty also a very cute school bag. It was a hassle free  experience which I would  recommend all the parents to go for. The best part from online shopping is we were able to get stationary as well!

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