Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Review

I am very disappointed to see negative reviews for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child floating around. Before you criticize the book please know that it is not a novel but manuscript of a play. If you have never read a play script before then this format of writing might surprise you.

I am sure we all had high expectations given how the Harry Potter series itself is extremely detail oriented, this story left us with a sense of need some more. But let’s face it even if J.K.Rowling comes up with 30 more Harry Potter books & stories we would still want her to write more.
Coming towards the story and plot, since it’s a play how she has kept it quirky yet very fluid. The non-linear
timeline definitely was a challenge for the readers to understand but it’s almost miraculous the way writers penned it down.

I enjoyed character development in the short story more than anything. Rowling’s ability to bring out each of her characters in limelight makes the story ever more interesting. It was good to see some of the old characters coming back to life we thought we would never see again. The bittersweet ending wasn’t a closure that the fans were expecting.

I hope to read more about the new characters on Pottermore as they are now out in the open. 

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