Friday, 12 August 2016

Telenor Tweet A Meal

Ramadan is long gone but the spirit of it should never die and the spirit of Ramadan is giving, sharing & celebrating togetherness. Telenor Pakistan continuing the tradition from previous Ramadan, came up with a beautiful and simple plan to share with those who are less fortunate.

What we all had to do was post pictures of our Iftar and Sehri on social media with the hashtag #TweetAMeal. The more we shared, the more Telenor promised to give meals to underprivileged. And in the end, when the campaign was over thanks to over 10,000 tweets 6000 people (1000 families) of Mithi, Tharparkar were given enough ration to bear the coming months.


I am delighted to be part of the noble cause and am looking forward to be a part of it again.


  1. Must have been nice participating in such a nice event :D

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