Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sindhi Cultural Day

Today we mark the day as celebration of Sindhi Culture and Heritage. We do not observe this day to represent Sindhi culture superior from the rest but we celebrate it to create awareness regarding our rich heritage. We celebrate this day to omit all the negativity which has been wrapped around it, let it be the word 'Sayen' or the traditional Sindhi topi.

We are the people who believe in giving respect. We belong from a culture which gives utmost importance to hospitably. People who are humble belonging from the land of the Sufis.

No doubt there are many black sheep in our culture as well but let's not their deeds over shadow our beautiful language and traditions. There are many problems among Sindhis which need to be addressed and many flaws which need to be perfected but that does not mean we are less capable than anyone else.

Respect & celebrate culture.

Jab Hind na tab bhi Sindh tha.

Sadda Jeay Sindh aen Sindhi boli ji izzat kararn wara.   

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