Sunday, 21 December 2014

In between of White and Black

All our lives we have been told by our parents, teachers, peers and even in religion there is only good or bad. Angel or the Devil. White or black. There is no in between and never will be. 
I also try to fit people in the category of their white or black and doing so break my heart or leaves me speechless every time. Because what I have learnt is no human can be either a pure white or black. We all lurk in the shades of grey. Some of us are lighter shade while other very close to black but we all are grey.
Sometimes from far away the color of a person shines as a white but when we get closer to that person we see it isn't as white as it looked from distance. And sometimes what feels like the darkest black from distance when we get close we can see tiny specks of white clearly.

There is no pure good or evil in humans. We all do good deeds and make mistakes. We all have a past and we carry baggage of that past all our lives on our backs. So if we all are made of mistakes and goodness why do we judge each other? 

Why cannot we just except to be grey and try not fit in the box of white or black all the time?