Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Debris & Darkness

Standing in the debris of my broken soul I see muted lights in the horizon. The lights are beckoning me towards themselves. As I run towards them I stumble and jag my feet on the remaining of my dreams. Surrounded with grey mist, swirling around me is dust and ashes. Torn pages filled with words of remorse and sorrow littering my path. I run towards the light. The light fade a little more as I try to catch it. I feel as if I am chasing the Sun, the Moon and the stars all at once.

What has happened all of a sudden? Why am I craving for the warmth and the light when I chose this cold darkness? Why I want laughter and sound of music to fill the empty spaces when I embraced this silence so dearly? The light is so far far away and I can't run any more. My bloody footprints are lost in the dark and the only trace of the suffering left is the pain I can feel and the scars I bear.

Light is so far far away. I will chase it tomorrow I think. I will chase it some other time. 

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