Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Chosen Bun

I can finally and confidently say that I had the BEST burger of my life today. Hands down The Chosen Bun is the ultimate place in Karachi for burgers. I ordered the original Chosen Burger in chicken. It was perfect thick slab of grilled juicy and well seasoned chicken, oozing with cheese and mayo, topped with caramelized onions and jalapenos in soft bun. The fries were crispy too.

Cherry on top was the customer service Rameez( the owner) and Daniel (Owner’s younger brother) gave. Rameez personally was taking orders and suggesting what to have. Once order taken we went to the dining area which is located in basement. It is decorated cleverly in black and yellow theme with graffiti on walls and completed with a gaming console and a sofa! There is where Daniel asked yes to join him at sofa. Daniel is an amazingly sweet kid!

Our order came within 20 minutes. And the meal was HEAVEN!

It’s a must go place for all the burger lovers. My friend ordered Juicy Lucy (Double beef patty burger with loaadss of cheese) and swore it was the best beef burger ever.
Great value for money, perfect ambiance and too good to be true burgers.

110/10 !

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  1. Thank you, for the amazing review.
    i have been looking / searching for a review of 'The chosen Bun', for quite some time.
    just couldn't wait to try this, !!

    thank you,