Tuesday, 3 March 2015

19 reasons why I love Coldplay

1. The heart touching lyrics in each and every song of theirs.

2. Beautiful Artwork of every album.

3. Oh that music

4. The way Chris Martin adds character to every song with his expressions while singing

5. How they make their every concert an amazing experience for their audience

6. Their songs can make me feel on top of the world

7. Or make me cry like hell

8. The way Jonny Buckland plays guitar and completely owns it

9. Let's just admit it…They have super cool style

10. Guest Appearance of Will Champion in Game of Thrones

11. Their super creative ideas for every music video

12.They work great as a team

13. Have you seen Guy Berryman face?

14.The way their songs make me want to dance and forget the world

15.They are not shy to experiment with music  

16. Their songs can make any occasion beautiful

17. Their concert videos give me goose bumps


18. They collaborated with Rihanna and came up with a fantastic song


19. As a band they are extremely humble


Honestly what's there not to love about Coldplay anyway?  

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