Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Pan'ris Review

Monday night party of 11 people at Pan'ris for a birthday dinner. We chose the place because a friend who was joining us gave excellent reviews. When we reached only a two or three tables were occupied. So the place was pretty much empty.

The menu was nothing out of the blue. I played very safe though and ordered Chicken with crumbs and parmesan, sideline mashed potatoes. It was well cooked, the cheese sauce had a pinch more of salt than I would have liked. I also tasted Grilled Chicken in Verde sauce which had a spicy kick (reminded me of lesser tangy peri peri sauce). A friend ordered Beef Steak (it looked well) and she commented it tasted fine but could have been little more juicer.

First turnoff half of the drinks written on the menu were not available. Later the drinks arrived almost after we were done with food.

Second turnoff it took them good 35-40 minutes to serve the order.

Third turnoff bought one order wrong. So they gave the wrong dish complimentary but the original entrée took another 25mins to arrive

Forth turnoff terribly slow service and by slow service nowhere I mean the staff wasn't courteous. They took good 20 minutes to bring the cake (placing spoons and bringing in dishes after we asked them thrice).

Over all the place is beautiful, minimalistic and gives an overall elegant feel (a must go for candlelight dinner for two) but if the service continues to remain so slow it won't we able to thrive.

Bill was somewhere near 12.5k in which we had about 10 entrées and 11 drinks.

Food 7 out of 10
Service 4 out of 10
Overall experience 6 out of 10

Pan'ris is located in Clifton Block 4, Karachi.

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  1. do you have any picture of the menu card ? want to see the whole menu before i go