Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Doll Face

Just a few months back I got on the wagon of makeup madness. I started following groups and pages dedicated to makeup and cosmetics of Facebook. Followed few makeup artists on Instagram and started to invest a small fortune on my personal makeup collection.

What made me write this blog is a hyper lapse video of a makeup artist. I saw that video at least six times. And then I stopped. This girl took out an hour of her life to doll up her face and fix her hair using worth thousands of rupees of products and all for what?

I remember just a few months back I used to be very comfortable in my own skin. I never felt the need of putting kajal or wearing lipstick because I was happy just the way I was. I am a human and defiantly will have flaws as well but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be comfortable the way I am. Makeup changed it. I started using it often and then felt liked I am hooked to it. Leaving my home without putting lipstick on would make me feel uncomfortable. Why it should be that way?

Problem here isn't of makeup or dressing up but of how it makes us feel and how we make the girl doing all this feel. Both genders are equally to be blamed. A girl spends hours in front of the mirror doing makeup and fixing her hair because the society doesn't really accepts her the way she is. Ultimately she gets addicted to makeup/makeovers using several hours of her life and hard earned money on it. Still the feeling of satisfaction is not achieved.

My only request would be do make up if you like to but also learn to be comfortable in your own skin. And for others to accept and appreciate the person the way they look. If you don’t like their face without makeup I guess you don't deserve them when they are all dressed up as well. 

Makeup or dressing up isn't bad but the extraordinary importance we give it is unhealthy.


  1. Nice post Bushra. I personally LOVE putting on make up because well... I love putting on make up. I like how different I can look by just changing how I put on my eye liner and mascara. And I love expressing what I'm feeling through make up, it changes with my moods and gives an insight into my personality.

    For many people, make up is for transforming themselves into someone else, for others, it's an art.