Sunday, 19 April 2015

Saturday night at Vintage

Wanted to go to Vintage from the longest time and finally last night I had a chance to go the place.  The place is artfully decorated and gives a nice airy feeling although it’s in basement. I wish it had a lot of windows though. Anyways coming straight to the point, the place was jammed pack so our order took 20 minutes to serve. The wait was worth it. I ordered Lemon and Herb Grilled Chicken with mashed potatoes. 

The chicken was very well cooked with light and creamy sauce. The flavor of lemon or herbs wasn't overpowering. Anyone who enjoys mild flavors would enjoy it very much. Mashed potatoes were ok, could have been creamier. The serving size was more than satisfying. My friends ordered a Club Sandwich and Creamy Tarragon Ala Kev. Though I didn’t taste the sandwich my friend said it tasted good and it was served it a lot (and when I say a lot trust me they were a lot) of French fries. I did eat fries and they were thin and crisp just the way I love them. 

The star was no doubt Creamy Tarragon Ala Kev. I really wish I had ordered it as I managed only to steal a bite or two my friend’s place. The sauce was great, full of flavor and chicken had that crispy coating. It was yumm! 

Since we were pretty filled up we decided to order just once slice of red velvet cake. All those fans of light and yummy desserts this cake would be perfect for you. The sponge was light and not to sweet while the frosting was slightly sweeter and thick. A spoonful of it with the whipped cream and I was in cake heaven. 

The place is extremely easy on the pocket as our total bill was around 2k with drinks. 

I really want to try their salad menu as it really looked promising. Going to Vintage again soon hopefully. 

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