Friday, 24 October 2014

The thing with Goodbye

We as humans are on a constant journey. From 1000 miles journeys to grocery shopping, growing up to getting old, getting in car for school or going to the mall, one minute to an eternity, literally and figuratively these journeys never seem to end. Even if you are doing nothing and just sitting on a couch it’s like you are on a platform waiting for the next journey to start or a long journey to end. 

So the journey is constant. But what does that mean? You never truly belong to one place. The people you clung on to are not going to be there till the end. The people who you loved so dearly, the places you felt are like your home and the moments you thought are the best that would never end, you have to say goodbye to all those things.

All of the memories, all of the smiles and all of the tears, everything has to end with a goodbye. A bittersweet, the most powerful yet inevitable emotion. 

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