Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Life and Choices

Have you ever wondered what life would have been like if you were the only person responsible for taking all your decisions? Well am not talking about from the time you were toddler but since you grew up and had to choose between science and art, college or an year abroad etc.

I should have been writing this when I was 40 or something but I feel as if it’s extremely important that we realize our choice makes or breaks our lives at an early age. In our society we are treated like sheep. You have to listen to your parents, elder siblings, and extended relatives even neighbors. I don’t mind that unless you have to completely kill your own conscious and follow their dreams. Some people might argue that they have more experience and they would want what’s best for us I do agree with them but on the flip side they made their own experiences. They lived their life. And now it’s our turn to live ours. Make your own decisions, take risks, follow your hearts, struggle for it and make your dreams work.

Please respect your own choice, have a little faith in it and strongly pursue your decision. Worse case would be you will face disappointment but at least that disappointment is better from the regret of what if.  

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