Sunday, 21 May 2017

Say it with a Smile

When words fail then only a smile can weave the magic. Lays Pakistan this summer brings 25 unique and beautiful smile packs for all those who want to bring a little extra sparkle in their smiles.

These unique 25 smiles are inspired by different movies and characters which can literally fit in any situation and scenario. Be it a comical smile to cheer your angry mom, or your better half can receive the romantic Lays smile. All you got to do is get the Lays 'Say it with a Smile' pack! 

The best part is our very favorite Lala aka Shahid Afridi wants to give us all a Lays Smile as well!! Check him out here

I almost forgot the best part. Lays is not only spreading smiles through packs but surprise. You can win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge daily by simply scratching the code on the pack of Lays and SMSing the code to 9005. Each SMS counts as an individual entry. So keep on spreading smiles with Lays.

#LaysPakistan #SayItWithASmile 

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