Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Shield Your Smile

My sister is a dentist and on daily basis, she tells us the horrors he faces in the hospital.  She faces people with their teeth literally falling off because of plague. Imagine living without teeth. How on earth will we be able to flash that amazing smile or eat all the yummylicious food.

In a place like Pakistan where people usually are not careful about their hygiene Shield Pakistan took an initiative on World Oral Health Day i.e. increases awareness about oral hygiene in different schools & hospitals. A lot of people don’t take care of their oral hygiene because of lack of awareness or they believe that it is too expensive. However there are many government run programs in hospitals where dental checkups are affordable. One of such hospital is Hamdard University Dental Hosptial

Shield Pakistan broke the myth and educated people specially children how easy it is to

actually take care of their precious smiles. Hands on tooth brushing activities were conducted to encourage children to brush their teeth on daily basis. I also attended a camp they set up at Ziauddin University Hosptial where people came in for a free dental checkup.

Some tips to take care of your oral hygine

1.       Always brush your teeth twice in a day
2.       Use a good toothpaste as well as tooth brush such as Shield for proper clean up

3.       Use a medium sized tooth brush with soft bristles  

Also watch the video for a detailed question answer session on oral hygiene conducted by Shield Pakistan.

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