Wednesday, 4 January 2017

No Men without Women

I shared a post which angered many men out there. They thought the statement ‘No Men Without Women’ is to demean men. I ask them all to resolve a simple query of mine, Is it ok for men to let women not take control of their health & bodies? Is it ok for women to bear children one after another & risk her life? Is it alright if the mother cannot fully take care of her child and herself because she is expecting another one?

Though it brings immense joy that today girls are more empowered, they are more educated and they are leaving a positive mark in the society more than ever. But on the same side, many of them are deprived of the basic right of having a control over own body and planning her pregnancy. Not only the society pressurizes her to have a child as soon as she gets married but also wants her to have another one even before the first one is able to stand on his/her own two tiny feet.  

The purpose of this campaign ‘No Men without Women’ by Greenstar Pakistan is to raise awareness in favor of planned pregnancies so the health & safety of the mother and child can be assured. And not only health but also mental peace, were the parents can give all their love & attention to one child at a time.  This campaign highlights the fact that a decision of women should be trusted & respected. If she has a say in her own health and body then in no way it is wrong or it should be ignored. 


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