Saturday, 17 October 2015

Animated movies are not just for Kids - Frozen

Whenever I get excited for an animated movie a lot of people judge me and pass remarks such as why are you so interested in a cartoon movie? Or guys would simply assume since I am a girl I would be interested in animated naturally. Well I don’t believe the fact that animated movies are just for kids or they are girly movies. Thanks to Disney & Pixar most of the mainstream animated movies now are beautifully made, having exceptionally strong characters & articulated stories.
I have decided to select a bunch of animated movies and do an analysis on them to prove the fact animated movies are not just for kids and adults can learn a lesson or two from them as well. The first movie I am choosing is the very popular Frozen.

The first time I saw the movie I was in love with Elsa and her icy super powers so much so that I actually wanted to be her. So the popular opinion was that Elsa was much more loved and admired by crowds rather than the bubbly Anna. If we shed some light on characters of Elsa & Anna in detail the case would not be the same.

Else who faced a troubled situation in her childhood never seems to grow out of it. She remained afraid all her life, shutting down any kind of affection she received by her family which ultimately made her personality aloof. She was a coward in short. On the other hand Anna who faced isolation from her elder sister/ best friend Anna remained optimistic even during the worst times. She faced the world and wasn’t afraid to trust. No doubt her idealistic nature got her in trouble but it was her love & self sacrifice that bought peace & prosperity back. Anna teaches us sometimes magic lies in the simplest of actions.

Elsa no doubt is beautiful and mystic with her icy magic but Anna is the real hero of the movie.

Lesson to be learnt from the movie: Don’t be afraid, learn to trust, learn to love & learn to let go. Isolation is not the answer to your problems. Olaf made sure we all learnt the lesson very well.

Till the next post… Keep Swimming. 

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