Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Saucy Mistress: Desserts with a very filmy twist

An overdue review for The Saucy Mistress.

So The Saucy Mistress organized a competition in which we had to tag our friends. My friend won An Affair to remember aka strawberry cheese cake. Since I tagged my friend he was generous enough to offer me the gift. Since I couldn't go and pick the gift up (she didn't deliver the gift) I decided to order Nuts in May aka Snickers pie as well so I can get them delivered.

Now note the fact that I have a crazy sweet tooth and I absolutely love cheesecakes!  When I received the jars I was actually excited for the dessert inside. I love the fact how she has choose glass jars for packaging and the creative names!

A bite from An Affair to remember and I was in cheesecake heaven. Super yummy cream cheese with moist biscuit base and delicious strawberry topping. I ate half of the jar and kept some for the next day. The next day it even tasted better as the cream cheese got slightly tart. 10/10.

Nuts in May was perfect combination of heavy chocolate sauce, cream and biscuit base. Every spoonful was a wonderful experience. It's the kind of a dessert for which you would gladly skip lunch and dinner. I would suggest every chocolate lover to try it out at least once in their lifetime. 10/10 again!

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