Monday, 31 March 2014

The Exclusive Ladoo

It’s not that I am spitting venom against all those happily married/engaged couples just because I am single and not exactly ready to mingle, it’s just that to be happy you don’t need to spend tons of money.

Surely marriage is a celebration family and friends look forward to but what I cannot come to terms is with all the extra hard earned cash by our parents going to waste just for ONE DAY. Super expensive clothes, venue and a banquet fit for a king just to show off to people we even don’t really care about.

So here I have a creative solution for all the cash you are planning to spend on your big day.

1. Invite group of your close family and friends, the people who you actually love and know the names of to your special day. DO NOT call the neighbor’s uncle’s daughter’s gardener as well. Dance, sing, feast, laugh and take pleasure in the time you spend with them.  Remember Small gatherings of loved ones = more fun.

2. This might sound to righteous, charity all that money. Ok don’t charity all of it, but do a small portion of it for your blessed happily ever after.

3. Go on a vacation. Imagine all the places you can go to with THAT amount of money! Travel, go to different places, try different cuisines and enjoy every minute of it.

4. Get that thing that you wanted from ages.. That thing can be anything! The Xbox you wanted for your perfect weekends, or that lovely grand piano which you will never use in your life. At least you will have the damn thing for the rest of your life.

5. Save it. Ok this is the most boring point but honestly save some cash, it always come in handy.   

After all these liberating, wedding revolutionizing thoughts I know one thing for a fact, my own family would never let me do all this no matter how much I protest.  This is because we live in a society where norms control our lifestyle. We call ourselves free people but we are slaves to thoughts of what other people might think.

Anyways. Cheers to all those lovely couples ! Have a blessed life my friends.


  1. 1. hahahahahhahah...BUshra this is great i actually agree with still have to hear my plan...i got some serious eyes by friends when i TRIEd to tell them.
    2. Correction: not one day 3 or more....
    3. Absolutely save that money and go for an amazing trip..
    4. also mention what is the point for gathering so much hassel that women actually end up having BRIDE-ZILLA MODES

    1. Oh I completely forgot the total transformation from timid girls to ruthless monsters brides turn into!