Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My ideal space.

A couple of years ago in our Idea development class our teacher asked us to write a paragraph describing what kind of a person we are and then writing our ideal space. That time I wrote a lengthy self description of a person who is still in search of an identity. My ideal space at that time was a beautiful landscape. No roof. No walls.

I still feel I am searching for an identity.  I believe the search will never end but somehow the ideal space that I had in my mind back then is competing with a place which confines me. My ideal space would also be home now. A home with walls and a roof. With large windows facing the sunset. A home with wind chimes, fairy lights, books and assorted tea mugs. A home with fluffy cushions, light colors and warmth of love. A home with beautiful smell of flowers and a small garden. A home with soft music of laughter and conversations. 

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