Sunday, 16 February 2014

People standing in Perfect Places.

The top reason I want to live in New York for some time now is no doubt Humans of New York.

It’s make me feel we all have a story, something to share, a glorious memory to cherish, a miserable past to bury, a dream to fulfill and a present to live. We the humans, the people, we all are so different yet so alike. On the surface it might feel our goals and objectives in life are different. Some want to achieve success, some people want to get filthy rich, others might just are living to take revenge.  But the truth is in the end we want to be content. We want to live in that warm and fuzzy feeling where everything is alright. The world is a perfect place just because we have everything we want.

The dilemma is we always want more. We want more than we can ever have.

To end this note I am sharing a portrait and quote from #HONY. It might feel off the topic but honestly it is not. If we think about it we all are standing in a perfect place ready to be discovered by ourselves.
“The world is full of people standing in perfect places.”

13 October 2011

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