Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sindh Festival 2014

Starting on 1st of Feb (ehm ehm my special day) is the much talked about Sindh Festival. While I appreciate the initiative and support all kinds of programs promoting culture I feel this festival lacks direction big time.

Awareness is definitely important of Sindhi Culture in order to boost tourism but the government does need to realize that our tourist attraction places are in shambles e.g. Kheejar Lake, Makli graveyard, Ghorak Hill station. Please spend some amount on the restoration of our tourist sites.
Coming back to the main issue, is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari even part of the government that he and his ‘foreign friends’ are looking after such a huge project?  What experience do they have?

The festival is going to start with huge display of fireworks and light show at Moen Jo Daro, what I would like to know is exactly how many people would be able to enjoy that display of fireworks? Why aren’t fireworks being displayed at the Bin Qasim Park?

Celebrating Basant is all good but the focus shifts from the main purpose, celebration of Sindhi Culture. Basant is nowhere near Sindh just to clarify. And to add cherry on top the organizers are calling top Bhangra singers, who are going to sing Punjabi songs in a Sindhi Cultural Festival, ironic isn’t it? 

We have such beautiful plays in Sindhi Literature so why aren’t we having a theater in the festival? Why don’t we have a section completely devoted to Sindhi Food. Have we invited our Sindhi friends from India to participate in the festival?
The festival still needs a lot of thinking and planning. I hope it goes well though. Looking forward for Festival City part only.

P.S I beg the authorities to rework on the Logo. Our Sindhi Culture has such beautiful art let’s not just show the world that we are incapable of even coming up with a good logo. Hire Khuda Bux Abro Sahab aur Mohammad Ali Bhatti Sahab.. They I am sure will be more then welcome to help.

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