Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Criteria of Pride in Pakistan

Child will qualify for Pride Certificate if he/she converses in English all the time. The criteria of good education in Pakistan is only English.
This child who is in grade one has more than 6 books for English and 3 different exams for the same subject. This convent school encourages to cram as much as possible and doesn't give 2 cents for concept building.
Why we cannot have one centralized education system in Pakistan with addition of languages according to the region? Why do we have to give importance to one language only? Why aren't we questioning our government? Where is our ministry of education? Why isn't there any regulation?
We as a nation are in such deep complex that while am writing this I won't dare to write this in Urdu or Sindhi because that might not classify me as a person with a sane opinion. That might make me sound as a 'paindu'. We are still in the colonel mindset. English is only a method of communication. It's not the communication itself.
Hamari zahanat ka mayar srif angrazi hai.

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