Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Deli 2.0

My ugly food photography in no way do justice to the beautiful and delectable food I was served at the soft launch of The Deli. They have moved from their old place in Zamzama and opened up in Clifton Block 4.
Behold cause it’s not your everyday all chicken for main course & chocolate for dessert menu but it’s like a rollercoaster ride for your taste buds. Complete fine dine experience I must say. The place is skillfully decorated, with splashes of color here and there and neat earthy white furniture. I loved how each area (The patio, a fairy lights lit balcony and the modern contemporary dimly lit halls inside) had a chic feel. Coming to the food, the only used the best ingredients for all of their dishes. Nothing was substandard or out of the can. It was fresh and every dish had a different noticeably vibrant flavor. I loved their margaritas, dessert & spaghetti meatballs. And this place will be heaven for seafood lovers (read HAVE THEIR PRAWNS). Their menu serves the best flavors from around the globe ( Italian, Thai, Meditarrnian, French mainly) . They have a complete coffee bar as well.

I honestly can’t wait to go there again. The place is perfect for intimate dinners, birthday and anniversary celebrations. #Karachi #FineDining #TheDeli #Food

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