Friday, 30 September 2016

Girls Travel Solo Guide: Basic Level

 With rise of social media, our generation is experiencing a change and undergoing such cultural shift that the things that were considered a taboo 20 years back are now a norm. One of the recent changing trend that I am in love with is girls traveling on their own from Pakistan.

While some of us think it’s liberating to travel on their own being females some are still scared not to do so because of various reasons. My quest is to break that fear and encourage girls to travel on their own, explore the world and experience different cultures hence I am sharing some tips for them to make their decision.

Make-up your mind

It’s important that you are firm on your urge to travel. Many would try to discourage you & scare you but that shouldn’t affect you. Some would ask you to simply go with family or wait to get married before you can travel. Block these people out from your thought process since you don’t want this kind of negativity.

Choose a Destination

Some of the girls I know never even have been out of the city let alone the country so it’s completely ok if you start your solo trips within the country. There are two things to consider while you’re selecting your destination i.e. money & your interest. If you are peace loving person you can’t select a chaotic metropolitan. And if your budget is extremely tight you can’t select a destination far away from your city.

Research, Research, Research

They say the best kind of traveling is when you don’t have a plan. In case of first-time travelers, that’s not the case. If you haven’t done your research properly, you might be disappointed big time once you reach your destination.  Thank heavens we live in an enlightened age of Google which not only provides us all the information we want but tells us exactly what we are looking for. Also, it’s always good to talk to people beforehand who have traveled to that place.

Pack light but not too light

No matter how much you love clothes you will have to pick and choose what you will be taking along with you. But I shall give you a fair warning, first time travelers love taking a lot of photographs so when you are in that picture wearing the same outfit you might get slightly disappointed. It’s safe to say you can mix and match clothes. Always take your own towel and pack according to the weather of the destination.

Money actually matters

First-time female travelers usually are utilizing their own savings for their trip. To make the best out of your vacation book your tickets and hotel online at least 3-4 weeks before your departure. Always look out for deals. Airbnb should be your best friend.

And in the end, don’t forget to have one hell of a time. All I want is girls to see the world, make it happen on their own, make new friends, try different cuisine, wander unknown streets and know how it feels to experience things they have never experienced before.  

Happy Travels!

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